Revisiting Oahu, With My Plus-One

oahuWell… I tried to avoid it, but I met a man. I avoided it because I don’t want my future plans to change, and relationships tend to do that. So I may not go backpacking in Europe- Asia instead, but that’s not a bad trade-off, especially now that I have a little man-candy by my side. And in the wise words of my boyfriend, you can’t just let a carrot like that dangle in front of you without grabbing it… should I be flattered to be likened to a carrot? Ehh whatever, I’ll take it.

In other news- I got my separation orders from the Army! 23JUN2014. Boom. Buh-bye active duty, hello full-time adventurer. It can’t come soon enough. AND, I finally sent off my application for my Australian nursing license. Another box checked!

In other, other news- Nick and I met up in Hawaii, so I could show him my old turf! He had only 3 days to meet me there, while I had a week- so I had to stuff as much into that 3 days as possible. (Yes, I know exactly how that sentence sounded.) Oh! And I was able to use my rewards miles from my United Club Explorer card and got a first class nonstop ticket to Oahu for $7. Baller status! I tried to play it cool, but I was like a little kid on Christmas as I played with the seat, the tv, and marvelled at the delicious food. And you can’t beat free drinks. I don’t care if it was only 9am, it’s 5:00 somewhere right?!

So- here’s a snapshot of my little getaway:



Day 1: Nick arrives, we hit up my FAVORITE breakfast of all time at the Royal Hawaiian hotel. Expensive but worth every penny. Walk around, got a quick nap in because someone was on a plane all night. Went to Waikiki beach and we both totally ate in while trying to stand up paddleboard. In the evening, went to Doraku Sushi and then met my friends at Nashville’s country bar for some pool and drinks. They approved. 😉

Day 2: Had a nice sleep in, went over to Hawaii Kai to hike Kokohead…in the rain…but that’s okay because we had a lot of fun doing it anyway. Ate at Kona Brewing Co. Drove around Kalaniani’ole Highway (along the ocean) to Kailua, my old stomping grounds. Had a coffee at Morning Brew and then caught the end of the sunset at Lanikai Beach. Dinner at another favorite- Soul de Cuba in Chinatown.

Day 3: Drove up to the North Shore and it was a beautiful day! We checked out Waimea Bay and the waves were so heavy and crashing onto the shore that they had a no swimming rule in effect. We got to watch the boogie boarders getting creamed by waves though so that was fun. Ate plate lunches at Ted’s Bakery and walked around Haleiwa for a bit before heading back to Waikiki for some dinner at Yardhouse. I ate there 3 times while I was in Hawaii. I love that place! Mmm fish tacos! Nick left the next morning and I had a couple more days there that I hung out with the ladies, and got my tan on! It was so great to be back, and made me miss it so much! But here I am, back in DC, back to the grind- and I suppose it’s not so bad. Life is good these days.



Waikiki Beach

Waikiki Beach

Lanikai Beach...whoa.

Lanikai Beach…whoa.

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