The Bucket List… I finally wrote it down.

bucket listThere’s so many things in this world that I want to do, and quite a few things that I’ve already done… so why even bother writing it all down?

Well, that’s what I thought before. I was recently lying awake at night musing about life, and decided to write down my bucket list- because I may forget something! It will be nice to have an actual list that I can modify here and there as I see fit, anyway. I just went ahead and added a few things that I have already done (that would have been on the official list) fro good measure. I will be continually updating this as new ideas come about.

What’s on your bucket list? Is there anything I should add?

1. Ride an elephant (Thailand?)
2. Residential yoga teacher training… preferably in India
3. Dive the Great Barrier Reef
4. Visit the Rainforest
5. Go to Australia
6. Hold a baby tiger (Thailand?)
7. Visit Barcelona/Spain in general
8. Attend the Summer Olympics
9. Visit Louvre Museum in Paris
10. Have a picnic on the lawn of Tuileries Garden in Paris
11. Hold a monkey (are we sensing a theme here?)

12. See Cristo Redentor in Brazil
13. Hike Machu Piccu in Peru
14. Go on an African Safari
15. Camino de Santiago (Spain)
16. Na Pali coast hike in Kauai
17. Take the Trans-Siberian rail from Russia to China
18. Yachting/Sailing in the Mediterranean
19. Take a “gap year”
20. Live in another country
21. Learn how to surf
22. Take ballroom dance lessons
23. Be fluent in another language
24. Go bungee jumping
25. Go skydiving
26. Visit the Taj Majal
27. See St. Basil’s Cathedral in Moscow
28. Yoga retreat in another country
29. See the Northern Lights
30. Get paid to travel
31. Work on a boat
32. Run with the bulls in Pamplona
33. Temples in Angkor Wat, Cambodia
34. Visit Thailand
35. Visit Ubud, Bali
36. Gondola ride in Venice
37. Add my own Love Padlock to the Pont Des Arts’ bridge in Paris
38. Visit every continent in the world
39. Sleep in a tree house
40. See a natural penguin colony
41. Learn to play an instrument
42. Visit Turkey (see Pamukkale)
43. Holi festival in India

44. SouthEast Asia, extended trip

45. New Zealand, in full


To be continued…

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