One Month on the Road

Mljet, Croatia sunset

Mljet, Croatia sunset

Well, I have seriously been slacking on blogging lately. I had the best of intentions when I started this blog to document everything I was up to, but alas, the adventure calls and the thought of sitting down somewhere to write seemed like the last thing I’ve wanted to do. So here I am, one month to the day later, on the train to Sevilla and inspiration has struck.

A month is not so long but it’s also the longest vacation I’ve ever been on. It hardly feels right to call it a vacation at this point, more like a journey. I’ve spent about 5 days in London, 4 in Northern England/Newcastle area (Northumberland region), 8 in Croatia, 7 in Barcelona (long story), 4 in San Sebastián, 2 in Madrid, and now I’m on the way to make my rounds in southern Spain. I’m pretty excited to explore this region of Spain for the last 10 days I have left before I start an epic Topdeck trip. Everyone has told me really great things about it… I’m just not looking forward to the heat! Yesterday Sevilla was 106 degrees… Holy hell. Madrid was also quite hot but I don’t think I’ve been in heat like that since my basic training days in Texas!

I’ve endured some hiccups in the trip, had a seemingly everlasting cold, met some awesome people and seen some absolutely amazing places. And I still have 2 months to go of Europe. At this point, the thought of returning home to start work seems like the furthest thing from my mind and not something I’m excited about at all. The more people I meet, especially the ones NOT from America, the more ideas I get about other things I can be doing that keeps life exciting, interesting and keeps me traveling.

For example, some ideas I’ve come up with (and please feel free to comment with tips, new ideas, etc):

-Become a trip leader for a travel company… Or at least apply
-Work a ski season as a medic/nurse and learn how to ski in the process
-Keep traveling… This is a serious thought
-Yacht nursing??
-Volunteer somewhere…
-Teach English abroad
-Work as a nurse and make a ton of money in Dubai or UAE somewhere?

I’m sure there are more ideas that have bounced around in my head but that’s what I can think of thus far.

On another note, I’ve received a few emails and comments on the blog lately that make me feel so excited when I get them. People that are encouraging me to keep writing (oops…) or people that have a lot of questions about various trips I’ve reviewed on here. I love them and I’m so glad people even care what I have to say! It may be just a few folks but it’s great nonetheless.

Keep emailing and I promise I’ll keep on writing… Maybe I just needed to break the ice for the trip. Consider this ice broken… Or melted, especially in this southern Spain heat. Cheers!

Some awesome people I met at Roger's House in San Seb.

Some awesome people I met at Roger’s House in San Seb.

Megan and I in London

Megan and I in London

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