6 Months Later…

/home/wpcom/public_html/wp-content/blogs.dir/bca/59695201/files/2015/01/img_3333-0.jpgOkay so it’s been about 6 months(?) since my last post, that’s far too long and I want to make a renewed effort to keep up with the blog but I’m pretty lazy about it. New Years Resolution in the making perhaps?

So a LOT has happened since my last post, and yes, I’m still traveling! On June 18 I set out to London with the intention of about 3 months of travel, and it’s days away from 2015 and I’m sitting on a 14 hour bus ride from Honduras to Nicaragua with no excuses not to write down some thoughts.

Since I last wrote, and I hope to write more about events in between my last post and now, I’ve spent 3 months in Europe (2 weeks of that in Turkey), met an Irish man and brought him home with me on my 3 month travel anniversary, collected the remainder of my things at my parents house and set off on a 6 week road trip around America and Canada with my new beau, then we flew down to Mexico City together and have been working our way down south since. It’s been an epic journey filled with many adventures, many miles covered and many new friends and I’ve still got more to go!

Bear with me and stay tuned as I try and get my shit together with this blog haha.


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