Things I Learned in Europe

imageWell… I spent approximately 3 months in Europe this summer doing a combination of backpacking, and guided tours. It’s hard NOT to walk away from that completely unchanged in some way. Most of the things I learned can’t be put into words, but here are a few that can:image

1. I am really bad at keeping up with my blog.

2. I am really bad at finding motivation to work out while traveling. Is anyone else with me on this??

3. I’m not sure my travel thirst will ever be quenched. My bucket list just keeps getting longer. Every time I tick one off the list, I add another 3 it seems like. 🙂

4. French people are snobs. But we already knew that, right?  I hate to generalize… But it’s true.

5. People really think the worst of Americans, and that is so unfair.  We aren’t all gun toting toothless hicks. Or completely ignorant. However I will say that we are generally in our own bubble and unless something happening in the works doesn’t directly effect us, we don’t know about it- or are completely misinformed. I’m guilty of this as well.

6. The only thing I miss about my former life is the routine, and that will get old quick when I am back to it. I think…

7. There are endless ways you can keep traveling and working in the world.

8. The thing that holds a lot of people back from living the life they want is FEAR.

9. The hostel/accommodation makes all the difference in solo traveling.

10. I don’t really like being alone as much as I thought I would, but at the same time I definitely need my space. Typical.

11. Expect the unexpected. This should be #1.

What is something that traveling has taught you? 

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