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Wait a minute… you want to contact me?! Maybe you would be interested in partnering with me? Perhaps you want to meet up on an adventure abroad? Or you may have some private tips and tools to share? Interested in being a guest blogger? Amazing!

Please email me at:

I promise I will read it and get back to you as soon as possible! Happy adventuring!

Horrayyy! I love emails!

Horrayyy! I love emails!



5 responses to “contact me

  1. Rider is only on 2 episodes and i think he said he doesn’t want to be involved in this sequel we still dont know anything about shawn at all

    If Rider is gonna be on the main cast on girl meets world then only then i will watch it

    I am longer watching your GMW show anymore but I am done watching GMW count me out I am only watching BMW from now on tell the cast and crew that I am not watching your sequel anymore for all of those 14 years on watching boy meets world BMW the biggest hit on abc family and tons of fans and viewers are remain to watch BMW then Girl Meets World because BMW prove to us that Family and friends are the most important in the world and will cherish that forever otherwise girl meets world isn’t proving us anything right now and that is why the Matthews family Topanga Corey their kids and others left shawn behind and what did they do to shawn was abandoning him hurt shawn and rider so much and that driven him away from the group

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